Many historical captains and sailors come from tis area which is visible from the votive paintings that can be find in some churches of Brseč and Mošćenice.

At the bottom of the canyon of Mošćenička Draga lies the Church of St.Peter according to which the entire settlement was named. In the church you can see a stoup from 1573 with the glagolitic inscription. However, this is not the only place where we can find the glagolitic alphabet, the inscriptions in glagolitic are also visible on many buildings of Mošćenice and Brseč.

Only 2 km from Brseč, in the village Zagore, the academic sculptor Ljubo de Karina opened a gallery-studio where the visitors can see some oh his sculptures. A large part of his work can be seen not only in the public places of Croatia but also abroad (Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Japan).

The gastronomic specialty of this region which is definitely a must try is the Kvarner shrimp. It can be found on the menus of almost all seafood restaurants of the region, and in most cases are offered fresh. There are plenty of different ways of preparation, but whichever way you choose you will not be disappointed, and you will want to try them all. Almost every food is prepared on extremely healthy olive oil.

In the spring days we recommend you wild asparagus prepared in different ways, while in the autumn you will be able to taste chestnut pastries.