Mošćenička Draga is a small fishing village in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County which has developed into a popular tourist destination. It is located only 15 km from Opatija, and it was built in the 19th century at the foot of the hill where is situated a medieval fortified town Mošćenice thanks to which the village received its name. The residents of Mošćenice and the surrounding villages moved down to the coast in order to be able to deal with fishing and in this way a small fishing port was created. Mošćenička Draga has the status of a municipality and consists in 14 other villages among which the most attractive tourist destinations are the medieval town of Brseč and already mentioned Mošćenice which are preserved with many passages, narrow streets and high walls thanks to which the visitor can return, at least with the mind, in the far past.

In Brseč, visitors can see an old olive mill, a large number of town houses dating back to the 17th century, as well as many churches such as the Parish church of St. George, the Church of the Holy Cross, the Church of St. Magdalene, the Church of St. Stephen situated on the local cemetery and many other sacral objects. The city walls, fortresses and church bell towers are much older, dating back to the early middle ages. Brseč is the birthplace of Eugen Kumičić, famous croatian writer and politician whose bust is located at the entrance to the old town, and his birth house has been transformed into a gallery and a library opened to visitors.

From the city walls of Mošćenice you can enjoy in a magnificent view of Kvarner Bay with its islands of Krk and Cres, and the city itself is characterized by a distant past which is visible from numerous archaelogical sites present in the territory. There is only one entry into the city (through the city gate), while the rest of the city is surrounded by a steep slope. To get a clearer idea of how the prehistoric inhabitant lived, along with the olive oil mill it is worth to visit the etnographic collection located at the very entrance to the city. In the main square you have to visit the Parish church of St.Andrew the Apostle with the massive bell tower from the 13th century.

The area of the municipality of Mošćenička Draga includes 7 pebble beaches that are among the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, and the territory of the municipality is largely covered by a hilly area of Učka Nature Park. This allows nature lovers to enjoy walking and hiking along the sea and experience the charm of clean air and untouched nature.